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A deeper look at Excellence

Excellence is a state of mind. It is the unrelenting desire to learn from the best, to set stretching levels of ambition and to value being outstanding.

What do organizations that consistently demonstrate customer experience excellence look like? Our research suggests they share:

  • A commitment to excellence in delivery
  • Continual senior manager monitoring of the drivers of excellence
  • Benchmarking excellence across competitive peer group and best in class
  • A clear, prioritized route map to experience excellence
  • A well-defined, consistently applied, enterprise-wide method of experience design

While excellence spans everything a firm does, there is one area where Customer Experience (CX) leaders differentiate: their ability to understand their customers’ needs – not just their needs for today, but also their needs for tomorrow.

The leading brands recognize that – if they want to get to where the customer is going before their competitors – they need to be able to predict customer needs before they emerge.

An excellent check in experience. Attentive flight staff who arranged for a wheelchair to be provided on landing. The staff were very obliging and made sure we were at the correct area for transfers.

Australia CEE respondent, regarding Singapore Airlines

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