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Generational Surfing

Generational Surfing

Business have historically used age to predict customer behavior. KPMG International introduced Generational Surfing to present a new mindset for understanding how life stages and events drift among generations and how those changes hold answers that can help businesses anticipate needs and preferences.


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Delayed gratification

KPMG International’s analysis found studies in multiple markets point to significant numbers of Millennials delaying marriage, the decision to start a family or a house purchase as a direct consequence of the burden of student debt.

In India, for instance, the median age of marriage has increased by approximately three years for men and four years for women over the course of the last three government censuses.

In the U.K. 43 percent of students say student debt has delayed their decision to start a family.

In China, the share of unmarried women between the ages of 25 and 29 has quadrupled since 1980, reaching 22 percent by 2014.

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