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Country-specific Findings

Country-specific Findings

KPMG International’s report looks at emerging trends around the globe.


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U.S. Emerging Themes: High student debt and depressed wages bely the tech explosion

80% increase in the average US student loan debt amount over the last ten years


I used to budget, but I had my student loans in there too. It kept showing me that I was in debt and it was depressing, so I stopped.

            —Kelly L, 28, millennial, Children’s media marketing, New York, NY, US

U.K. Emerging Themes: Rapid tech adoptions and shifts toward a cashless economy have given rise to a truly digital consumer


62% of people in the UK open their phone to relieve boredom

If I forgot my phone I would go back to get it; I can’t imagine I’d be able to cope without. (When) running out of battery, you’re in a total panic, feeling like you’ve lost a limb.
                                                —James, 34, millennial, Therapist, Bolton, UK

India Emerging Themes: A Millennial heavy population and rapid mobile adoption lay the foundation of a digital economy


80% of people in India like technology and apps to automatically filter information for them in handling information overload.

I am constantly ticketing, so I use an app to find the best deals. I work hard on that.
                                                  —Kanika, 25, millennial, Chef, Mumbai, India

China Emerging Themes: A growing middle class and ubiquitous tech platforms have given rise to the digital consumer


71% of people in China would rather lose their wallet than their phone.


It is impossible for me to leave my phone at home. I would feel anxiety. Nomophobia.
                                                       —Zi, 28, millennial, Curator, Taiyuan, China

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