The Bank Statement – Q3 2017 - KPMG Thailand
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The Bank Statement – Q3 2017

The Bank Statement – Q3 2017

This newsletter looks at IFRS and regulatory matters affecting accounting by banks


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This newsletter looks at IFRS and regulatory matters affecting accounting by banks.

The Bank Statement is KPMG’s quarterly banking newsletter.

It provides updates on IFRS developments that directly impact banks, and considers the potential accounting implications of regulatory requirements.

Download the latest issue (PDF 232 KB) to read about the developments in Q3 2017. Previous issues can be found on our IFRS Newsletters web page.

And visit our IFRS for Banks and IFRS – Financial instruments hot topics pages for more on these and other related developments.

Modification of financial instruments

Accounting for modifications of financial instruments has been a topic of discussion for some time. The debate has included questions such as when a modification of a financial asset leads to its derecognition and whether a modification gain or loss should be recognised if an asset or a liability is not derecognised.


“Banks have to be mindful of the differences between IAS 39 and IFRS 9 in accounting for modifications and revise their accounting policies where appropriate.”


Ewa Bialkowska and Hakob Harutyunyan, KPMG in the UK


IFRS 9 Financial Instruments has put an additional spotlight on these issues, so in this quarter’s newsletter we discuss the accounting under IFRS 9.

How do you compare? IFRSs issued but not effective

As the implementation deadlines of IFRS 9 and other new standards are fast approaching, we look at the disclosures on the impact of IFRSs 9, 15 and 16 in banks’ 2017 interim financial statements.

IFRS 9 developments and IASB projects

There’s more news in our regular sections on IFRS 9 and the IASB’s activities, including the IASB’s decision to finalise the exposure draft (ED) Prepayment Features with Negative Compensation.

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