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@gov: From the editor

@gov: From the editor – Issue 2

Highlights the role data & analytics will play in government services explored in the 2nd edition of @gov.


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The role of data is more significant than ever in public sector strategy, and is increasingly helping government to meet the demands of citizens as to how, when, where they access services.

As governments seek to gain a more complete data picture to deliver more responsive services, and keep up with the relentless pace of private sector innovation, the issue of trust between government and citizen plays a more important role than ever before.

Under the theme of ‘data-driven government’, issue two of @gov focuses less on system integration tools, and more on the role of data and analytics in helping bring tangible solutions to service delivery challenges.

While several successful D&A initiatives by various departments and agencies are profiled — from smart transit apps to predictive analytics programs to forecast future service demand — we also provide an account of the challenges still facing many government agencies, with practical next steps based on experience with a range of government and private sector clients.

The topics selected can help move governments forward in their data journey, regardless of where they are today, starting with establishing the right governance and putting the right executive leadership in place (page 6), to overcoming public fears that surround data-sharing (page 8), to more advanced, future-looking applications like predictive analytics (page 22) and intelligent automation (page 28).

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