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Tax & Legal News Flash - Archives

Tax & Legal News Flash - Archives

KPMG in Thailand Tax's newsletter (2016-2018)

KPMG in Thailand Tax's newsletter (2016-2018)

2016 - 2018

Issue 52: Additional requirement for CIT reduction or exemption on royalty income under the International Headquarters regime

Issue 51: Are you ready for Thailand’s new transfer pricing law to enter into force from 1 January 2019?

Issue 50: Proposed amendments to the labor protection law were approved in principle

Issue 49: Alternative methods for recognition of rental property income and expenses for tax purposes

Issue 48: New International Business Centre (IBC) regime introduced to replace ROH and IHQ

Issue 47: Thailand’s transfer pricing law in force from 1 January 2019

Issue 46: Bill on Trust for Private Asset Management was proposed by the Cabinet

Issue 45: Tax & Legal News Flash :E-tax - new important changes under the current digital government policy

Issue 44: Thailand - Revision of Work Permit Law

Issue 43: New regulation governing private car and motorcycle hire-purchase contracts

Issue 42: Thailand - Philippines revised double taxation agreement enters into force

Issue 41: Draft Transfer Pricing law proposed to the National Legislative Assembly for enforcement for Fiscal Year 2019

Issue 40: Proposed amendments to Thai Revenue Code – currency conversion and functional currency methods

Issue 39: New fee reduction for corporate registration matters

Issue 38: Taxation of Digital Assets: New Law Issued

Issue 37: E-commerce tax – the Government’s response on the second public hearing on the proposed draft law

Issue 36: New law to control residential lease contracts

Issue 35: Proposed new type of real property right called ‘Sub-Ing-Sithi’

Issue 34: Thailand – SMART Visa Program

Issue 33: Proposed e-commerce law – second draft released

Issue 32: Thailand – Cambodia DTA: Update

Issue 31: Thailand – Smart visa - 4 years permission

Issue 30: Transfer Pricing law approved by Cabinet, effective for 2017

Issue 29: Proposed Amendments to Company Law - Shares in Limited Companies

Issue 28: Proposed Transfer Pricing Law- Government response

Issue 27: Proposed E-commerce law - Government response

Issue 26: Cambodia-Thailand DTA – Key features

Issue 25: New Law to amend the Labor Protection Act

Issue 24: Representative Office

Issue 23: Termination of Customs Duty Amnesty Program

Issue 22: New draft legislation regarding foreign functional currency in computation of corporate income tax

Issue 21: New Law – Aliens’ Working Management Emergency Decree

Issue 20: New draft legislation impacting the taxation of the e-commerce industry

Issue 19: Are you ready for upcoming transfer pricing regulations?

Issue 18: New Law to Exempt Foreign Business License for Certain Business Services

Issue 17: The New Customs Act has been introduced - Customs Act B.E. 2560

Issue 16: Legal news: Summary of recent amendment to five main business laws

Issue 15 (Update): Filing audited accounts can be done electronically as from 1 November 2017

Issue 15: Physical filing of audited accounts is now mandatory for an E-filing corporate taxpayer

Issue 14: Corporate Income tax : Tax deduction

Issue 13: Criminal Liability of Company's Representative– Basis to be Penalized has been Amended

Issue 12: Amendment to the  Investment Promotion Act

Issue 11: Amended Personal Tax Income Tax Deductible Expenses and Allowances

Issue 10: Corporate income tax : Tax Deductions

Issue 9: Proposed amendment to the Labor Protection Act 

Issue 8: International Headquarters (IHQ) and International Trading Center (ITC)

Issue 7: Corporate income tax : Tax deductions

Issue 6: Multiple BOI Privileges

Issue 5: Tax Deductions

Issue 4: Withholding Tax

Issue 3: Foreign Business License

Issue 2: Personal Income Tax

Issue 1: Customs Tax

Transfer Pricing law approved by Cabinet, effective for 2017
Transfer Pricing law approved by Cabinet, effective for 2017

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