Pepijn Kok


KPMG in Thailand

Advisory Director


Pepijn is Director in Management Consulting and lead for cybersecurity. He has extensive experience in cybersecurity, risk management, IT governance and compliance. Pepijn has led large international projects, devised international policies and operating models for governance and compliance and supported the implementation of new technologies in a secure manner. He has serviced finance organizations, but he has also supported manufacturing, petrochemical, telecom and utilities sectors.

  • Cyber security
  • Governance, risk and compliance integrated assurance
  • IT governance
  • Risk Management
  • Technology
  • Technology change
  • Since 1998, Pepijn has been involved in nearly every aspect of cybersecurity. From the technical management and forensic research of cybersecurity for telecom companies and banks, developing and managing ethical hacking teams, to creating security architecture and developing and implementing international cybersecurity governance frameworks with corresponding operating models. Pepijn has had several information and technology risk roles across Asia pacific and Europe. Besides executing on the risk management practices, he has developed frameworks for technology and fraud risk management for banks, aligned to the regulatory frameworks. This included the reporting and analytics models required. Besides the alignment of cybersecurity and risk management practices to regulatory frameworks, Pepijn has also acted as head of IT audit for regional banks in Asia Pacific and dealt with regulators across Asia Pacific and Europe. Pepijn has managed several projects were integration, transformation and improvement of the IT processes (Service management, security, operations, development) were required. Pepijn has been heavily involved with transformational efforts in banking, leading initiatives on banking operations transformation and transforming fraud monitoring.