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Frequently Asked Questions


Got a question on our ASEAN scholarship opportunities? Find answers here

Got a question on our ASEAN scholarship opportunities? Find answers here

What is KPMG ASEAN Scholarship? 

KPMG ASEAN Scholarship is a regional scholarship programme for students in Southeast Asia seeking a career with a professional services firm. The scholarship was started in 2015 and is supported by KPMG offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

As a KPMG ASEAN scholar, you can look forward to diverse learning and development opportunities and cross-border exposures through a structured programme focused on: 

  • Professional Development
    To build core competencies and skills and develop professionally through induction programmes, structured internships in regional firms and mentorships by Partners, amongst other people development initiatives.
  • Strategic Engagement
    To build breadth and depth of knowledge across sectors and borders through interactions with KPMG leaders who will share valuable insights about their careers and outlook of the various industries and countries .
  • Social Connection
    To build a professional network starting with interactions with fellow ASEAN scholars.


What is unique about KPMG ASEAN Scholarship?

KPMG ASEAN Scholarship is a regional scholarship that offers students the opportunity to experience working life in different countries when they are still in university or early in their career. 

As a fresh graduate, a KPMG ASEAN scholar will be exposed to a wide variety of professional offerings in audit, tax and advisory services. This is in addition to overseas training and assignments/ secondments.

Through the ASEAN scholarship programme, we endeavour to develop our scholars’ personal and professional capabilities and to help them reach their potential as leaders and responsible corporate citizens.


What are some of the qualities that KPMG looks for in their scholars?

We welcome well-rounded individuals who possess excellent interpersonal skills, a high degree of emotional maturity and a global mindset. Individuals who desire to make their mark in a professional services firm will find that KPMG offers them the environment and support to excel. Find out how you can qualify for the KPMG Scholarship.


What does the scholarship cover? 

The KPMG ASEAN scholarship programme is a holistic programme that looks into the financial, skills, development, mentoring and coaching needs of each individual scholar.Financial support for ASEAN scholars is provided through: 

  • Tuition fees grant
  • An allowance to cover academic needs such as purchase of books, computer
  • Allowance for overseas internships

To help our scholars ease into the corporate world, we will see to that they have access to experienced managers and partners who can serve as their coaches and mentors while they are still in school and when they join us as colleagues. 

To broaden their horizons, our scholars will be offered two internships with our member firms – one with the local member firm and another with a member firm in ASEAN. 

Upon graduation, each scholar will be placed in an accelerated mobility programme. This programme is designed to provide each scholar with opportunities to work in two countries or across functions over a period of three years. This will be in conjunction with regional leadership programmes and projects that each scholar will participate in.

The goal is to provide our scholars the platforms, network and support to excel and work towards achieving their personal and professional goals and aspirations.


What can I look forward to when I join KPMG after graduation? 

All ASEAN scholars are placed on an accelerated mobility programme the day they join the firm. This programme is designed to provide each scholar with opportunities to work in two countries or across functions over a period of three years. 

Upon graduation, our scholars join the firm as an Associate. They will enjoy excellent learning and development opportunities and industry exposure through participation in client work. During this time, they will be paired with a senior member of staff or management who will serve as their mentor. Through this partnership, our scholars gain a better understanding and appreciation of the profession and the professional services business.

Career progression for our scholars can take many forms. It will include rising through the ranks, from an Associate to Senior Associate, Assistant Manager, Manager and eventually, Executive Director or Partner of the firm. 

Our scholars’ welfare and development is at the heart of this scholarship programme. We will provide the necessary learning and guidance, industry exposure and mentoring to ensure each scholar experiences the maximum benefits of the programme. 


Will I need to serve a bond and how long is the bond period? 

To help ASEAN scholars build a career in professional services, we would like our scholars to dedicate their first 2 years out of school with us. 

During this time, they will participate in programmes designed to expand their horizons, allow them to explore the opportunities that await, excel in the professional field and grow as leaders and responsible corporate citizens.