Legal services

Legal services

Our clients are facing an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment that has a significant impact on their day-to-day business.

Our clients are facing an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment

Legal services

Around the world, our clients are facing an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment that has a significant impact on their day-to-day business activities and future strategies.

Compliance and Regulatory

In the field of compliance and regulatory matters, KPMG can effectively help you with improving and operating a Compliance Management system.

We build our expertise on our wide and comprehensive sector knowledge, and permanent communication with relevant national and EU public authorities.We can provide you with qualified and meticulous legal support, tailor-made to the needs of your business, covering mainly:

  • the organizational advice from a legal point of view,
  • implementation of compliance trainings of the client’s management or employees,
  • performance of the compliance risk assessments,
  • audits and due diligences,
  • legal advice to management on specific compliance issues (including governance matters and liability matters),
  • advice on legal requirements for the internal audit department,
  • implementation of a guideline management and review of the guidelines,
  • legal advice on building a contract management; and international advice on issues relating to product recalls and product safety.

Financial Services

Our practice in this field comprises advisory mainly in the area of banking, capital markets and insurance.

In all these fields we offer legal advice on:

  • the design, offer, and conditions of the financial products,
  • preparation of the relevant contractual documentation,
  • preparation of due diligence reports on legislative compliance,
  • or advice in corporate banking, capital markets or insurance areas.

Mergers and Acquisitions

KPMG has significant in depth expertise in restructuring projects (national and cross border), such as group reorganizations, mergers - demergers, re-domiciliations, as well as the acquisition transaction (including takeovers, share deals, acquisition of businesses or their parts or particular assets).

KPMG is ready to provide you with qualified legal assistance throughout the full cycle of these transactions (negotiation, pre-closing phase, closing and post-closing assistance).

Company Law

Our help in the field of company law would in particular comprise the following:

  • performance of due diligence focused on corporate matters (e.g. good standing of the company, availability of licenses, protection of minority shareholders),
  • incorporation, changes in the structure as well as winding-up and liquidation of the companies and branches,
  • acquisition of existing companies,
  • the preparation of joint ventures and shareholders agreements, founder’s deeds, articles of association, statutes, and other corporate documents and by-laws,
  • assistance with the shareholders’ meetings,
  • representation in front of public bodies in the company matters,
  • assistance on share capital increase and reduction,
  • spin-offs and other forms of corporate restructuring, and structuring of relationships between the members of a group of companies.

Private Wealth Management

KPMG practice in the area of Private Wealth Management adopts a multidisciplinary approach, where profound legal expertise is supported by tremendous tax, financial and accounting knowledge. This line of business serves to provide the private investors and their families with legal assistance in order to protect and manage their personal wealth.

Our services include among others:

  • effective management and succession planning,
  • tax planning,
  • corporate finance and restructuringas well as estate planning and disposal of wealth. 

Further, we can assist the clients with compensation and retirement planning, fiduciary litigation, and other related issues.

Real Estate and Construction Law

We render to our clients a wide range of services in the field of real estate, comprising assistance in acquisition and sale of real estate, establishment of pledges and other encumbrances, lease of real estates, legal advice in development of real estate projects and their financing.

We have built a long-lasting expertise in construction law matters, covering the preparation, implementation and review of project services, engineering and construction agreements and related documentation.

Relocation and Immigration Services

When quick solutions are needed, it is always better to rely on professionals than to learn by trial and error.

The long-established experience and know-how of KPMG makes us the perfect partner in relocation and immigration services. KMPG can assist you so that you save up time and resources.

What are the Legal Requirements?

Employment of nationals from other countries is often a stressful procedure, as both the employer and the potential employee must complete several steps towards the Slovak authorities before he/she can start to work in Slovakia, all within strict deadlines.

Illegal working and illegal employment

  • Failure to follow the law may result in various sanctions, in some cases to termination of residence permit.
  • The fines for illegal employment range from
    € 2,000 up to € 200,000 and other sanctions, such as exclusion from public procurement or non-provision of funds from EU sources might be also imposed.

How can KPMG assist you or your company?

KPMG provides relocation and immigrations services to multinational and international companies in various areas of business. Our experience has been shaped by several years of practice and gathering of essential know-how. Our dedication and understanding for our clients’ needs makes us a leader in relocation and immigration services. Therefore, we are able to assist you in issues ranging from standard relocation and immigration matters to unique client-specific requests.

Other Legal Services

Our legal team has developed a considerable expertise in the IP law (including effective protection against infringement of IP rights, advice on preparation of functioning IP management system, protection of personal data, licensing and sub-licensing of IP rights, IP litigation).

Further, our team is highly skilled in tax litigation matters, where it closely cooperates with our tax department.

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