Starting your business

Starting your business

Let experienced advisers put you in the loop – by providing the strength and confidence you need to get off the ground.

Let experienced advisers put you in the loop – by providing the strength and confidence...

Business planning

Developing a strong business plan is critical to the success of any startup business. KPMG Enterprise works with entrepreneurs to help build robust plans that include detailed strategy around all aspects of their organisation: finance, sales and marketing, operations, supply chain, procurement and engineering. As part of our business planning process, we look to assess current processes, analyse data for trends and identify the areas of greatest opportunity.

Startup financing

You have a fantastic business plan – now you need the financial support to bring your plan to life. But what financing options are available to entrepreneurs? Are there government programs for startups in your sector? Can your concept attract strategic or angel investors?

We can help you identify the financing plan that you need to fuel your growth. From helping you identify early-stage financing options to helping you connect with potential investors – we’ll work with you every step of the way to help turn your vision into reality.  

R&D incentives

As an entrepreneur, you recognise the importance location has on business success. When it comes to research and development (R&D) initiatives, location can have a major impact on your costs due to the availability of R&D incentives and the impact of R&D costs on other tax benefits.   KPMG can help you conduct a review of R&D incentives and tax implications so that you can better evaluate the after-tax cost of performing your R&D in one country or, state over another. Advisers can also highlight other government grants and incentives that you can tap into. We will work with you to help determine the best location for your activities – so you can focus on the future.

Business strategy

When it comes to doing business, maintaining the status quo will not work for long. There’s little doubt you’ll face ongoing threats, whether from new technologies, competition, or industry changes. As a business owner, you need to think about the future today so you can build a sustainable model for your business.   We can work with you to review your business model and help identify strategic initiatives that will support your objectives. We do this through facilitated sessions focused on helping you develop the right strategy for your business – and by helping you execute, monitor and make ongoing adjustments to your strategy.

Expanding internationally

When it comes to growth, you’re thinking beyond your borders. International expansion presents many opportunities, from expanding your market base to lowering your costs. It also presents unique risks – different regulatory rules and requirements, tax implications, and culture or language barriers.   KPMG operates in more than 150 countries, providing you with access to the resources and information you need to be confident in your expansion strategy. We’ll leverage our global expertise through local experts to help you understand your risks and how you can mitigate them so you can take your business anywhere you might want to grow.


The need for effective risk management and controls is crucial in an environment of increased scrutiny. It is important to minimise these risks in an entrepreneurial business, not only for the business itself, but also for the family, property holdings and capital. Implementing controls, securing new financing, efficient tax management and optimisation can all have a positive impact on the bottom line of your business.  

Corporate tax  

Having an effective corporate tax program means keeping on top of trends and key issues. When tax changes or rulings are announced, timely analysis can help you understand how your business will be affected so you have time to adjust your tax processes accordingly.   KPMG Enterprise works with businesses like yours to develop comprehensive plans that can help manage or reduce your tax burden. From assessing the effectiveness of your business structures to helping you identify tax savings opportunities, we can work with you to develop a customised tax program that works for your business.

Personal tax

As the owner of a business or a new entrepreneur, corporate tax won’t be your only concern. To manage your overall tax burden effectively, you need to understand how tax rules and changes may affect both your personal tax situation and that of your family.  

The challenge is that personal tax law is complex and rules can change quickly. We can work with you to assess the tax rules and tax issues that affect, or may affect, your personal and family taxes, so that you can better manage your overall tax burden while remaining compliant with all tax laws.

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