KPMG GDPR Services

KPMG GDPR Services

How we at KPMG can help you – a proven methodology

How we at KPMG can help you – a proven methodology

How we at KPMG can help you - A proven methodology

Scanning workshop

  • Goal: We moderate a workshop with representatives from those functions most likely to be affected (typically HR, Sales, Procurement, IT and Finance) where we highlight the key requirements of the new
    regulation and interact with your team to identify the key processes impacted.
  • Your output: Regulation applicability assessment and identifi cation of key processes impacted.


  • Goal: We compare in detail the current status of your processes against the new rules and map personal data processing activities. We take into account internal processes, systems
    processing personal data, internal standards and procedures as well as other relevant documents.
  • Your output: Gap assessment identifying the specific gaps between the current and required processes.

Future state design

  • Goal: We propose relevant measures needed to achieve compliance with the new rules, including changes to processes as well as defi ning new IT system requirements. We will defi ne
    priorities, assess complexity and draft implementation plans.
  • Your output: Implementation plans setting out specific changes required to process and IT systems, task responsibilities and project timing.

Implementation assistance

  • Goal: We support your internal managers to make changes to existing systems or integration of new systems into your existing architecture. We help with vendor selection and can project manage implementation activities. 
  • Your output: Monitoring, facilitation and completion of assigned tasks in the implementation plan.

Ongoing maintenance and compliance testing

  • Goal: Assess impact of system changes to compliance. Assess impact of any regulatory changes or clarifications on processes.
  • Your output: Gap assessment highlighting additional changes to be made. Compliance report which can be provided to the Supervisory authority.

Data Privacy Officer

  • Goal: Ensure compliance with legislation as regarding the specific role and responsibility of the Data Privacy Officer. 
  • Your output: Provide a formal resource to act in this capacity either on a short- or long-term basis.

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