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The top 50 fintechs raised USD4.8bn in 2017

The Fintech 100 Study

According to the current Fintech100 study prepared by KPMG and H2 Ventures, the top 50 companies have raised US$4.8B in the last year alone and over US$27B in aggregate capital over their lifetimes. The list of innovative companies in finance tops Ant Financial from China. The most attractive for investors are the fintechs focused on disrupting traditional models.


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KPMG and fintech investment firm H2 Ventures published the annual ranking of the world´s leading fintech innovators Fintech100. It includes the ‘Leading 50’ fintech firms around the globe, ranked based on innovation, capital raising activity, size and reach; and the ‘Emerging 50’, exciting new fintechs that are at the forefront of innovative technologies and practices and are often pursuing new business models.

The top 50 companies have raised US$4.8B in the last year alone and over US$27B in aggregate capital over their lifetimes. The ‘Emerging 50’ have raised over US$600M in the last year and just over US$1B in total, since founding. Twelve companies on the Fintech100 had raisings over US$100M, notably ZhongAn’s US$1.5B raise in conjunction with its recent IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. “Capital continues to flow into the fintech sector reflecting investor confidence in the future potential of these firms“, said Ben Heap, Founding Partner at H2 Ventures.

China fintechs take the top three places on the list, and Chinese firms account for five of the top 10. The number one on the current list is Ant Financial, which operates in the payments segment. The fintech is led by a woman – executive director Lucy Peng.

Global fintech innovation continues to accelerate, with 29 different countries represented in the Fintech100, up from 22 countries in 2016. Asia Pacific (ASPAC) is on the rise, with 30 fintechs on this year’s list, while the UK and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) dominate the Emerging 50 with 26 companies. The US placed 19 companies on the full list, the most of any country, and three in the top 10.

Central and Eastern Europe has two representatives in this year´s Fintech100, both from Poland. On the 49th place ranks fintech iwoca, which focuses on providing fast, flexible and fair small loans for the SMEs segment. Followed by Creamfinance, which also operates in the loan segment.

„Slovakia is one of the world leaders in cashless payments. Therefore, mothers of Slovak banks usually use Slovak market for testing of technological innovations as Slovak bank clients are willing to use innovative services and products that have the potential to simplify their lives. The same development can be expected also in the case of fintechs“, said Martin Kršjak, Partner KPMG in Slovakia responsible for financial services sector.

Lending and payments focused companies continue to lead in terms of sectors, with 32 and 21 respectively on the full list. Fifteen companies are in transactions/capital markets and 12 are in insurtech. In terms of innovation, the ranking is dominated by fintechs focused on disrupting traditional models – 73 of the Fintech100.


The Top 10 companies in the 2017 Fintech100

  1. Ant Financial - China
  2. ZhongAn - China
  3. Qudian (Qufenqi) - China
  4. Oscar - USA
  5. Avant - USA
  6. Lufax - China
  7. Credits - Germany
  8. Atom Bank - United Kingdom
  9. JD Finance - China
  10. Kabbage - USA

About the study

The Fintech100 were selected following extensive global research and analysis based on data relating to five factors. Two criteria are related to capital raising reflecting the emphasis that venture capitalist investors place on the ability of firms to innovate in order to generate a long term sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Total capital raised 
  • Rate of capital raising 
  • Geographic diversity 
  • Sector diversity 
  • X-factor: degree of product, service and business model innovation (a subjective measure that is applied only with respect to companies appearing on the 50 Emerging Stars list)

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