In the current issue of Tax & Legal News we would like to draw your attention to the following highlights:

Employees’ meal allowance will have (again) new rules

On 26 October 2021, the meeting of the National Council of the Slovak Republic approved the amendment to the Labour Code. The parliamentary amendment introduced several significant changes compared to the original proposal. The main idea of the legislative proposal was to equalize various forms of meals, especially meal vouchers or a financial contribution depending on employee‘s preference.

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DAC7 – new obligations for digital platform operators

The EU aims at tackling various forms of tax evasion and avoidance. One of the methods discovered was the use of digital platforms by sellers without declaring income from the respective sales. To solve this issue, digital platform operators will have to report various data about sellers who are using their platforms.

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Suspension of the tax audit in case of international exchange of information – CJEU judgment

The Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) released its judgment in the case of a Slovak company  The tax authorities started a tax audit at this company, which was then suspended twice due to international exchange of information. CJEU has analyzed the nature of deadlines for provision of information and dealt with question of their effect on the lawfulness of suspension of the tax audit. Conclusions of the CJEU are not favorable for the taxpayers who have sought to challenge legality of tax audits and proceedings following the tax audits in cases where international exchange of information was not adhering to deadlines set out by the regulation.

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Two-way electronic communication from 1 January 2022

The Slovak Financial Administration informed about the forthcoming launch of the expected two-way electronic communication. From 1 January 2022, according to the Act on e-Government, the method of communication between the tax authorities and taxpayers should be changed - the sending of official documents in paper form will be replaced by electronic mailboxes.

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The European Council has published a revised list of non-cooperative jurisdictions

On 5 October 2021, the ECOFIN Council updated the EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. The EU has removed three countries from the „blacklist“ after the meeting. At the same time, no new jurisdictions have been added that would not comply with respective criteria in the tax area.

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Parliament approved amendment to the Tax Code

Parliament approved amendment to the Tax Code including amendment to the VAT Act and Income Tax Act. We have informed you about the proposed wording of the Amendment in our article and we are currently preparing the summary of the most important changes based on the approved wording for the next issue of Tax & Legal News

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