In the current issue of Tax & Legal News we would like to draw your attention to the following highlights:

How to ensure cross border compliance in “new normal”

New flexible types of working arrangements will bring significant changes in the employment environment. We prepared a list of Dos & Don’ts when working abroad for you to be aware of every aspect of this new reality.

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Update of the rules for the payment of First Aid from September 2021

Before the arrival of the third wave of Covid-19, the Government of the Slovak Republic approved the proposal to change the conditions and confirmation of the extension of the implementation period of the First Aid project aimed to support and maintain jobs during the time of the declared State of Emergency. New aids will not be dependent on the Covid automat anymore.

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Corporate tax and ESG

With the increased focus on business practices globally, the importance of doing business in a sustainable manner has never held greater weight than it does now. More companies are developing sustainable business practices, and investors increasingly place a premium on those that do. 

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Consistency of commercial register data will take place (also) automatically and free of charge

Draft amendment to the Act on the Commercial Register should simplify the process of adding identification data to the Commercial Register.

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Summary of amendments to tax and accounting laws at the meeting of the Slovak National Council

At the September meeting of the Parliament, several legal regulations in the tax and accounting area were discussed in the first reading. We summarize selected changes according to individual types of taxes.

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