In the current issue of Tax & Legal News we would like to draw your attention to the following highlights:

Parliament approved a long-awaited package of measures in the area of labour law

The package focuses on the proposed amendments to the Labour Code concerning mainly the organization of work, distribution of working time, taking of holiday and obstacles to work on the side of employee and employer

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Government approved framework of financial compensation to support employment

Government has approved a framework of financial compensation for employers and self-employed persons who will maintain jobs despite the constraints on their operation of business, decrease in sales or outage of subcontractors.

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Parliament approved extraordinary measures in the financial area

In connection with the coronavirus (COVID-19) the Slovak Parliament approved several measures in the financial area. These measures are related to tax, customs duties, accounting and the financial market.

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10 current questions about the impact of VAT on business cash flow

In view of the current situation and the spread of COVID-19, businesses are now more than in the past concerned about the impacts of VAT on business cash flow, focusing mainly on the proposed measures related to the possibility to defer tax payment deadlines. 

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