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2019 Change Readiness Index

2019 Change Readiness Index

Assessing countries’ ability to manage change and cultivate opportunity.

Assessing countries’ ability to manage change and cultivate opportunity.

The 2019 Change Readiness Index (CRI) indicates the capability of a country – its government, private and public enterprises, people and wider civil society – to anticipate, prepare for, manage, and respond to a wide range of change drivers, proactively cultivating the resulting opportunities and mitigating potential negative impacts. Examples of change include:

  • shocks such as financial and social instability and natural disasters
  • political and economic opportunities and risks such as technology, competition, and changes in government.

Since 2012, the CRI has evolved to become a key tool that provides reliable, independent, and robust information to support the work of governments, civil society institutions, businesses, and the international development community.

In this year's report, we have chosen to take a closer look at one of the major risks facing future generations: climate change. Like all complex problems, there is no single, simple solution to ensure a climate-ready future. In the 2019 CRI report, we highlight the capabilities needed to mitigate and adapt to climate risks, speed up innovation in sustainable energy, and enable more effective roles for governments and civil society.

* All uses of the word ‘country’ or ‘countries’ in the 2019 Change Readiness Index (CRI) refers to both countries and jurisdictions. The term country is used for brevity.

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2019 Change Readiness Index Executive Summary

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2019 Change Readiness Index Key Findings

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2019 Change Readiness Index Methodology

The CRI covers 140 countries, combining a mix of primary and secondary data variables.

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2019 Change Readiness Index sources

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