Accounting Advisory News | 2018/01 - KPMG Slovakia
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Accounting Advisory News | 2018/01

Accounting Advisory News | 2018/01

Amendments to the Accounting Procedures for Entrepreneurs and Decrees on Financial Statements of Entrepreneurs as of 1 January 2018


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Accounting Advisory News

Amendments to several accounting regulations for entrepreneurs – the Accounting Procedures for Entrepreneurs and decrees on financial statements of entrepreneurs – were adopted in December 2017. Most of these changes follow up on amendments to the Commercial Code concerning a capital fund from contributions from shareholders/partners (accounting legislation refers to the term "other capital funds") introduced by Act No. 264/2017 Coll. of 12 October 2017 amending Act No. 513/1991 Coll. Commercial Code as amended, as well as some other laws.

  • Information on amendments to the Commercial Code and related changes to Act No. 431/2002 Coll. on Accounting as amended (hereafter referred to as the "Act on Accounting") was provided in News 2017/01.
  • Afterwards, the Act on Accounting was changed on the basis of a separate amendment; we informed you thereof in News 2017/02.
  • Consequently, we updated our original News in News 2017/03 concerning deadlines for preparation, presentation, audit, review, approval, filing and publication of financial statements and an annual report.

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