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RegioJet: Client experience is the most valuable feedback we can get

RegioJet: the customer experience champion in Slovakia

"Our focus on customer service is one of the reasons why they choose RegioJet. We try to make sure that the customer always feels that we will take care of them in any given situation. If they choose to travel with us, they will feel comfortable. The maximum effort of our customer service and on-board staff is one of the strongest aspects of our business,” reflects RegioJet, champion in customer experience in Slovakia, on their approach on how best to meet clients' expectations.


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What are the three features that customers should associate with your brand?

First, it is the service and the best price for our products. We always try to provide the best service for each purchased ticket. Our focus on customer service is one of the reasons why people choose RegioJet. Second, it´s the effort we take to make things different and innovative. We choose unconventional approaches, try to avoid clichés, and bring customer transport services in the forms of both trains and buses that were hitherto unexpected. And the third feature is fairness. We do business honestly and transparently, and we also try to change the environment in which we operate. We support anti-corruption initiatives, effective and transparent management of public finances and fair competition on the market.

What does customer experience mean to your company?

The most valuable resource we can have is feedback. If the customer decides to share what they were happy with or, on the contrary, what we should improve, then this information is vital for improving our core product. The customer evaluated our work, saved our time and pointed us in the right direction. This is why we have stickers everywhere on our trains and buses asking our customers to share their experience with our company.

What are your strengths in relation with your customers?

We try to ensure that the customer always feels that we will take care of them in any situation. If they choose to travel with us, they will feel good. Maximum effort of our customer service and on-board staff is one of the strongest aspects of our business. Our employees are dedicated, often beyond their standard duties. That´s a great asset and it enables us to be more successful with our customers.

What would you like to improve?

There is always room for improvement. All customer inquiries are monitored with humility and close attention to detail. We cannot always deliver a hundred percent service, but we constantly look for opportunities for improvement. For example, we have recently decided to compensate all passengers travelling long-distance for delays, even in cases when the delay was not caused by us. We believe it is fair if the responsibility for arriving on time is borne by the carrier, which has more solutions for dealing with a given situation. And if we do not arrive on time for any reason, we are ready to partially or fully refund the price of the ticket. It seems fair to us.

What do you do differently in comparison to your competitors?

We believe that our strengths are communication with customers and our passion with providing the best services, which make passengers time and again choose RegioJet for their next journey. That is our goal.

What do you emphasize on in managing customer experience?

If a customer travels with RegioJet once, they will not want to travel with other companies ever again. We want to become the natural first choice in their travels. We want to become their benchmark when compared to other services they receive.

Who is responsible for customer experience in your company? Could you describe your organizational structure?

There are several departments at RegioJet responsible for customer experience. Foremost, it is the Customer Service department, but other sections are also involved in creating the final product, such as the Marketing and Communications departments. Also, Radim Jančura, the owner of the company, directly influences the details of our customer service operation. Passengers can regularly meet him on our trains where he closely follows the customer services provided and receives feedback. Clearly, the responsibility for our day-to-day customer experience lies with the individual members of our on-board staff and sales staff. These are the people who represent the company in the eyes of the customer, and their effort is what influences how satisfied a customer is.

Does the Slovak customer differ from customers in other countries?

Slovak customers are very demanding, and it can be said that - thanks to their experience with RegioJet - a much broader range of services are now considered to be the standard when it comes to long distance travel in comparison with customers in Western Europe.

What were the biggest investments you have made in recent years to improve your customer service?

We are continuously moving forward, improving and developing. Specific investments include, for example, investing in WiFi technology in our long-distance trains and buses. In the trains we currently have the best WiFi, which ensures a completely stable internet connection throughout the journey. This is thanks to a system that allows us to use a signal and receive data from multiple operators at the same time.

Why did you choose this service for investment?

We modernized our WiFi because we are convinced that the journey itself can be boring and we want the customer to have the opportunity to make it shorter and more enjoyable. WiFi is the most important thing that a customer can use during the journey.

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