COVID-19 has brought much uncertainty, but it has also solidified several ongoing trends.

These trends are expected to have a critical influence on how real estate markets will fare over the coming years. Understanding their longer-term impacts will be key to future success. 

If you are interested in news from the Real Estate sector, KPMG in Slovakia regularly shares inspiring analyzes or case studies from around the world.

In Slovakia, average loan sizes for commercial properties vary between EUR 7 - 18 million

Banks’ financing in the real estate market decreased by 22% in Central and East Europe. However, according to our latest study KPMG Property Lending Barometer 2021, in Slovakia the volume of investments increased, and the growth was the fastest in the region. The residential asset class rose to the most popular position among banks surveyed, closely followed by last year’s favorite, the industrial/logistics asset class. 

Record-breaking activity of M&A deals market

Global deal volume in the first half of 2021 indicates exceptionally strong growth. With almost 12 000 deals globally in H1 2021 being well above the average of 8 500 deals for the H1 period in 2010-2020, we could see new record levels of M&A activity in 2021. The first 6 months of 2021 are also showing a record high level of deal value, with global deal value already at 84% of total 2020 annual deal value. These are the results of KPMG global analyses of M&A market during H1 2021.

2021 Global Construction Survey

Over recent decades, the construction industry has invested heavily in construction methods, controls, risk management and technology. This has benefited the sector in responding to the pandemic. The 2021 Global Construction Survey shows that a vast majority of contractors expect revenue growth over the next year, and nearly 30 percent believe this will be 10 percent or more.

54% of the Real Estate industry believes COVID-19 is forcing sustainability considerations up the agenda

COVID-19 and sustainability were the two main factors shaping the industry in the past year. The pandemic drove down office use by 2,8x while using offices for collaboration was up by 15%. Innovations are providing the answer that real estate stakeholders are looking for. The 6th edition of KPMG’s Real Estate Innovations Overview presents numerous examples of inspiring innovations from all over the world, such as AI tech for optimizing energy consumption or UV-light equipped robots ensuring consistent cleaning cycles.

Real estate data and ESG reporting - podcast

How can real estate organizations achieve their ESG reporting needs and goals? What does a data and digitalization strategy look like in the decarbonization journey? How does investing in technology help achieve a successful ESG program? Listen to the podcast Talking Asset Management with KPMG from our colleagues from KPMG US who answer these and other key questions.

KPMG at glance - infographic

KPMG firms collaborate across the globe, addressing the needs of clients, making bold decisions on investing together and serving the needs of KPMG professionals, wherever they work. Discover KPMG in numbers.

ESG implementation guide

Boards and executives increasingly see ESG as important to long-term value creation and need to meet investor demand for ESG information in a way that drives value for the company and society.

Read our implementation guide for sustainable value creation, made in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, the Bank of America and other Big 4.

Global Real Estate Conference: Insights

KPMG International hosted our annual Global Real Estate conference for over 400 real estate executives. Watch the video recordings on a range of topics such as COVID-19 and its influence on real estate valuesSmart Buildings, Smart Future or State of the European Public Real Estate Market.

Real Estate Podcast

Global Asset Management (AM) Perspectives brings together KPMG leaders and major market players from around the world to provide you with insights into the ever-evolving asset management, real estate and private equity landscape. Our monthly podcasts will cover a range of topics and discussions, including global and regional views, ESG, regulations, investment strategies, and more.


Realizing value in Real Estate

Our Real Estate Practice provides you with informed perspectives, robust insights & practical solutions throughout the asset & investment life cycle.

Making better predictions in Real Estate valuations

Real Estate portfolios are facing increasing volatility. Managers and investors will need to become much more sophisticated in the way they predict the future.

The pandemic has put many of the traditional real estate market fundamentals under pressure. And nobody really knows what the long-term impact will be on the way people will live, work and play.

Data strategy survey: Better data, better decisions

The data strategy study focused on gaining an understanding of data management trends in the commercial real estate industry, including data governance, capture, aggregation, analysis and visualization.

Key findings from the survey:

  • 57% of respondents said they have a coordinated strategy.
  • Due to remote working/COVID-19, 34% indicated their plans for data strategy implementation have been accelerated.
  • 75% of respondents cited Excel as a primary analytical tool. Yet, 69% admitted to being too reliant on Excel.