As organisations face into the New Reality, financial resilience becomes more important than ever. Without financial resilience, commercial and operational resilience cannot be maintained. Organisations must adapt existing financial frameworks to a more hostile, volatile environment in which access to finance and liquidity are of paramount importance, and critical cash flow risk managements decisions have to be made daily. Economic history tells us that more businesses fail emerging from a downturn than going into it, or during it.

Now is the time to focus on your financial resilience, so we’re sharing the latest insights on financial stress testing and forecasting, liquidity and financing and adapting for the new reality.


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The path toward the ‘New Reality’ is likely to look very different depending on the sector the business operates. Do you have a clear understanding of how the business and its capital structure will look? Will it be a business that you, your Board, your staff, your trading partners and your financial stakeholders can move forward with in the long term?”

Gareth Williams
KPMG partner and COVID-19 Financial Resilience Lead


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