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​As sectors begin to re-open, it is essential to understanding what a new reality may look like for businesses, governments and individuals alike. For many organizations, the onset of the pandemic has forced them to rethink the way in which they work and deliver their products and services. They have had to rapidly deploy new technologies and revamp systems, policies and protocols. This change in approach and digital enablement will likely have lasting impacts on the way many of us work and live. Anticipating these lasting impacts and embracing them will be essential in ensuring organizations' future viability.

What will our new reality look like?

  • What will the workforce of the future look like?
  • Will the way in which individuals work change?
  • Will personal and business consumption and buying patterns permanently change?
  • How will supply chains need to be structured in order to accommodate any changes in buying patterns?
  • Which emerging technologies will become mainstream?
  • What impacts will this have on individual sectors?
  • How can the impact to organizational environmental and sustainability goals be sustained?

These are just some of the questions organizations should be asking as they prepare their businesses to thrive in the new reality.