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Emerging Trends in Infrastructure 2017

Emerging Trends in Infrastructure 2017

We continuously track and report on the tides and trends driving the world’s infrastructure markets. Learn about what we believe...

An annual special edition of Foresight looking at the emerging trends facing the...

Around the world, uncertainty is rife. Political agendas and social expectations are changing. Global, regional and national institutions are weakening. Power is shifting. And technology is disrupting everything.

In 2017, we expect a shift towards more responsive leadership, both from governments and from the private sector.

Here are the top 10 emerging trends that we are seeing in infrastructure for 2017 and beyond. Review our trend predictions by viewing the videos and SlideShare presentation, and reading the articles – all of which can be accessed from this page.

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emerging trends slideshare snapshot

Snapshot of emerging trends in infrastructure (SlideShare summary)

View this SlideShare presentation summarizing our predictions of the top 10 emerging trends in infrastructure for 2017 and beyond.

city laundry

Trend 4: Prioritizing social and environmental value

Pressure is rising on infrastructure investors to focus on the social and...

red car in motion from above

Trend 5: Technology increases productivity and risk

In 2016, we expect to see the discovery and application of new technologies...

the changing technology landscape

Trend 6: Getting more out of existing infrastructure

With demand for infrastructure at an all-time high, governments around the world...

businessman in a skyscraper

Trend 7: Governments look to unlock funding paradigm

If the financial markets have been relatively benign then why are so many projects...


Trend 8: Credit enhancement facilities - back to basics

Governments and multilaterals are making efforts to unclog infrastructure...

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Trend 9: Search for yield drives convergence

Over the next few years, we expect to see the lines blur between different types...

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Trend 10: The globalization of infrastructure continues

All signs suggest that the ‘supply’ side of infrastructure is rapidly globalizing.