KPMG can help companies understand the impact of policy and regulatory changes around payroll and offers advice to prepare for and manage the change.

Helping companies prepare for and manage impending changes to payroll policies.

In every organization, payroll is an important function and usually makes up the greatest portion of the company’s expenditure. It is a complicated task given the variations and continual changes in labor policies and business regulations in respective jurisdictions.


How we can help

Our team can help companies better understand the impact of policy and regulatory developments on their business and offer advice on preparing for and managing impending changes.


Our services include:

  • Maintenance of payroll records
  • Creation of payroll file for new employees
  • Processing of employee terminations and resignations
  • Enrolment with the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board
  • Monthly payroll processing including computation/disbursement of salary, bonus and reimbursements
  • Computation of statutory deductions including CPF, Skills Development Fund and other fund deductions
  • Computation and processing of overtime pay for production workers
  • Computation of National Service pay and processing of claims from Ministry of Defence for staff attending in-camp training
  • Preparation of remuneration reporting (Forms IR8A/IR21)
  • Preparation of payroll reports
  • Updates on changes to statutory requirements
  • Other payroll and personnel related services

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