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Digital + Innovation

Digital + Innovation

Transforming business through digital and the creation of new assets and capabilities by leveraging existing brand, network and expertise.

Transforming business through digital and the creation of new assets and capabilities.

Your competitors aren’t standing still. Neither are industry start-ups who may be aiming to disrupt your business before you even know it. How can the new digital technologies and innovations change the fundamental value proposition of your business?

Our Digital + Innovation team was created to help you leverage the opportunities of the modern digital economy.


Advanced Analytics

  • Re-imagine data and analytics for a smarter business.

Digital Consulting

  • Aims to help you create a positive impact from leveraging digital technologies and advanced data analytics supporting your business strategy.

Innovation Ventures

Offers you opportunities to work with us to turn ideas or concepts into user-centred products or workflows.


  • Insights into the possibilities are supported by our new Digital Lab, located in the heart of Singapore’s central business district – providing you the platform for: 
    • Trend research
    • Innovation workshops
    • Definition and opportunity validation
    • Customer experience and design
    • Startup evaluation
    • Venture and start-up spaces

No matter what your vision is for your business in the digital economy – smart platforms, or simple, sustainable and rapid to deploy applications, we offer you our intellectual property combined with emerging technologies to further your business goals.

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