CII Compliance

CII Compliance

Cyber Serenity is CII compliance made simple

Cyber Serenity is CII compliance made simple

Less compliance complexity, more certainty that you’re protected

KPMG offers an entire program to accompany organizations that need to comply with the Cyber Security Act and the Cyber Security Code of Practice (CCOP). Built around each company’s unique risk profile, our program gives you a clear roadmap and an entire suite of cyber services to ensure both compliance and cost management. From risk assessment and gap analyses, to cyber exercises and awareness programs, we offer everything in one place to ensure your Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) achieves and stays compliant for years to come.

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We offer 3 programs to choose from based on your compliance needs and readiness level:

Program 1: For newly-appointed CIIs, full accompaniment for the first year to becoming compliant.

Program 2: For existing CIIs, a compliance audit to make sure that you have everything in place.

Program 3: Yearly maintenance with continuous compliance monitoring and updates.

1. Full mastery of the Cyber Security Code of Practice

KPMG’s CII Compliance programs is designed by cyber security subject matter experts who have supported both IT/OT CIIs and have been involved in the development of the Cybersecurity Act as well as the CCOP. That’s your assurance that we fully understand the requirements of compliance.

2. Turnkey solution from testing to training

From defining a clear compliance roadmap and training your people on compliance, to penetration-testing your environment and submitting a tight compliance audit report to the authorities on your behalf, you can count on KPMG to do it all for you.

3. Cost of compliance is made known upfront and managed throughout

Know upfront the cost of compliance on a yearly basis. Our compliance programs are customized to your requirements so as to help you manage costs and avoid unnecessary spending.

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