Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber Serenity is being able to see threats before they become threats

Cyber Serenity is being able to see threats before they become threats

Detect what others can’t, get the peace of mind others don’t

The KPMG Cyber Threat Hunting Solution works by patrolling and monitoring your system, allowing you to identify suspicious activities happening under the radar so that you can take necessary action early. This gives you the visibility you need to protect your organization against evolving threats and anomalies that would otherwise go undetected.​


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1. Minimal footprint, maximum effectiveness 

Our “software installation-free” data collection approach ensures operational secrecy and thwarts reconnaissance attempts – an essential factor for effective insider threat investigations.​

2. Comprehensive attack detection capability

We cover more than 90% of the attack vectors listed in the Mitre ATT&CK Matrix.​

3. Next-level capabilities powered by KPMG and A*STAR's I2R

Jointly developed by KPMG and A*STAR's I2R, this end-to-end solution combines industry-leading professional services expertise and cutting-edge data science to create an end-to-end threat hunting tool with no equivalent.

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