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Industrial Control System (ICS)

Industrial Control System (ICS)

End-to-end security for Industrial Control Systems

End-to-end security for Industrial Control Systems

ICS Governance, Risk and Maturity Assessment

Using established methodologies and international standards, we assist organizations to understand their cyber risks and existing capabilities, and recommend roadmaps to enhance their security posture.

As each ICS environment is unique, our ICS Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA) will help you to appreciate the level of cyber maturity in your organization either on a site-by-site basis, or at the enterprise or national grid level. This approach looks beyond pure technical preparedness to take into consideration people, process and technology, so organizations understand the areas of vulnerabilities before we implement any targeted remediation. We also perform trade-off analysis between security, cost, functionality and availability, to ensure you only receive the most relevant security solutions. And through all of these, the KPMG team will help ensure that our clients’ ICS Governance, Controls and Compliance strategies are aligned to business priorities.


ICS Policy and Strategy

Often the management of operational and information technology (OT and IT) is undertaken by separate teams with different focuses and reporting lines. This situation creates blind spots in the defense chain which can be exploited. We act as the interlocutor between the OT and IT teams and can help implement holistic ICS framework and programs to strengthen your ICS cyber security defense.


ICS Security Assessment and Penetration Testing

ICS environments differ from IT networks. The traditional vulnerability assessment and penetration testing approach performed on IT systems does not work on OT environments due to their sensitivity. Our customized security testing service addresses this difference where our approach is to identify network security weaknesses that may allow an attacker to reach the ICS, rather than attacking the ICS directly.


ICS Cyber Threat Hunting

Threat hunting takes a proactive approach to searching through your networks and analyzing digital forensic evidence and data logs to identify and eradicate advanced threats that have evaded existing security solutions. Our proprietary approach does not require any software installation and systematically targets critical segments to provide in-depth, comprehensive assessments to determine breaches.

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