Digital Signals Insights Platform

Digital Signals Insights Platform

Cyber Serenity is spotting threats in the outside world before they become threats

Cyber Serenity is spotting threats in the outside world before they become threats

Make sense of the noise in the outside world to anticipate threats to yours.

KPMG’s Digital Signals Insights Platform is an always-on solution that continually monitors what’s happening in the outside world for signs of possible cyber risks. It covers everything from negative sentiments on social media and malicious conversations about your company on the Dark Web, to ‘red flag’ keywords, suspicious online transactions and instances of brand infringement. By giving you a broader yet deeper view of the world, you get a level of scrutiny that enables you to be safe against previously-overlooked risks, as well as the degree of anticipation today’s companies need to fully protect themselves.

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1. Comprehensive risk detection

Expect always-on monitoring and risks identification of all channels across the World Wide Web, deep analytics of unstructured data, industry-specific risk detection with a taxonomy of topics and millions of keywords, and coverage across global data repositories.

2. Must-know insights and tailored reporting built around you

No more getting lost in data overload. KPMG offers customized dashboards that provide a real-time overview of the threats that are relevant to your business, as well as tailored interpretation and weighting of results based on how important specific risk topics are to your organization.

3. Industry-leading insights on what you need to look out for

KPMG’s expertise as a professional services firm and track record across diverse sectors gives us a deep understanding of the insights that matter most to you. Count on us to know which specific digital risks could unhinge your business, and how you can address such risks.

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