Advanced Red Teaming

Advanced Red Teaming

Cyber Serenity is seeing where your blind spots are

Cyber Serenity is seeing where your blind spots are

Test your defenses now, be more secure always

Blind spots in your defenses may happen. KPMG can help identify them, before they can be exploited in a cyber-attack. KPMG Advanced Red Teaming puts your system’s defenses to the ultimate test, going beyond textbook methods to staging creative and unconventional attacks one would expect from real-world criminals. The result: an in-depth assessment of previously-overlooked weaknesses and of how well prepared you are for a real-life attack, as well as a newfound awareness of how you can strengthen your defenses where it matters. 

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1. Realistic tests for your system’s defenses

KPMG Red Team will devise attacks based on a thorough analysis of your environment, with scenarios specifically designed to find weak points in your defenses, your network, people, applications and physical security controls. 

2. Certified professionals who think and act like attackers

Test your system in the most realistic way possible. KPMG’s Advanced Red Team comprises the highest number of certified ethical hackers, each one a master in the art of social engineering, IT compromise and physical intrusion.

3. The assurance of ultra-safe execution

KPMG offers deep experience operating in critical information infrastructure environments. So you can be assured that you are in safe hands, even with the most realistic attack scenarios.


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