With the proliferation of cloud services, social media and mobile devices, more consumer data is being collected, retained, disclosed, and transferred around the world. This, in addition to legislations such as the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) here in Singapore and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the EU, has resulted in privacy becoming a major challenge for many organizations. Organizations must leverage consumer personal information assets in the most appropriate way so as to secure the competitive advantage associated with brand trust as well as substantial risks and liabilities involved in case of non-compliance.

Understanding the current level of compliance with the existing legislations is the first step for organizations who are looking to implement a data protection roadmap. KPMG adopts a structured and flexible approach to meet the needs of every business. We assist organizations in the following areas to address their privacy challenges:

  • Assessments: Provide an independent assessment of the current risk profile and how this compares to the desired state
  • Design: Work with the business to design a privacy compliance program to meet legislation requirements
  • Implementation: Support the implementation of robust and sustainable processes, policies and controls
  • Operations & Monitoring: Provide ongoing support and advice to your business on maintaining your privacy control environment

Our expertise in this area is well recognized as we are appointed by the Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission to provide data protection advisory sessions for small and medium enterprises.


KPMG will work with your team and conduct a combination of interviews, workshops, policy and process reviews and technical testing — always taking a positive approach to help you manage your cyber security issues.

To strategically enable your ongoing transformation, KPMG brings an uncommon combination of strengths — cyber expertise, in-depth business understanding and extraordinary people that deliver innovative thinking and practical implementation to the automated world. We’ll use our strengths to help you get an enviable combination of your own: confidence, agility and resilience.

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