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Cyber Technology

Cyber Technology

Implementing effective solutions to protect your systems and business

Implementing effective solutions to protect your systems and business

Cyber security is an asymmetric warfare where the defenders need to always be vigilant against ever-evolving threats. Well-selected and deployed technologies and tools will be a potent force multiplier to equip defenders to see faster, know more and respond more effectively.

KPMG’s cyber technology services aim to assist clients build and improve their cyber security, with the support by the right people, processes and technology. We provide design consultancy, implementation services and integration support to ensure that investments in new technologies are properly synergized for maximum returns.

Our focus is on solutions that provide visibility, offer end-to-end risk management and establish policies. We automate enforcement around identity and access rights, data protection, governance and compliance of IT assets. These robust technology solutions are developed to improve your security and risk posture, enrich user experience and most importantly enhance your business.


Cyber Architecture Design

The complexity of modern businesses, their reliance on technology and the interconnectivity among organizations are some of the rapidly evolving developments that create numerous opportunities for exploitation by both internal and external threat actors.

KPMG assists clients in defining and implementing robust cyber security architecture strategies, frameworks and governance processes. We define reference security architectures and technology blueprints in order to establish consistency in the deployment of security controls and how they relate to the overall system design. Elements from leading practice frameworks (e.g. TOGAF and SABSA) and industry security standards are also referenced to provide the baseline for prototyping and implementing a unique solution tailored your specific needs.

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