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Cyber Investigation

Cyber Investigation

Manage cyber attacks through incident response, threat intelligence and threat hunting services

Manage cyber attacks through threat intelligence and threat hunting

With the pervasiveness of the Internet, cyber attacks are occurring at an alarming rate due to the ever-increasing entry points of attack and processing power of computers. Today’s investigations into insider threats and intellectual property theft often leverage computer forensics as the cornerstone to identify and prosecute perpetrators.

KPMG’s cyber investigation services includes digital forensics, forensic data analytics, cyber incident response and electronic discovery services. We assist clients in getting their business back online and provide investigation findings that can withstand the scrutiny of the court. Our team of investigation specialists have worked on multiple high profile cyber breaches in the region and helped organizations restore their business expediently while minimizing the impact of the incident. Our international footprint allows us to provide timely on-site assistance to clients, no matter where you are.

As part of our pre-cyber incident services, we also assist to manage the risks of cyber attacks through our bespoke threat intelligence and threat hunting services. These pre-cyber incident services allow you to identify early warning signs and take action before an attack takes place, or before the organization suffers any business crippling damages.

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