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Cyber Education

Cyber Education

Gain knowledge on cyber awareness and learn how to defend and respond to cyber threats through our training courses

Comprehensive cyber security trainings for IT professionals

In an increasingly connected and fast-paced business environment, organizations must look at major business decisions through a cyber security lens, and ensure that employees in all parts of the organization understand cyber threats and issues.

KPMG’s extensive and comprehensive cyber security training programmes provide not only awareness, but also practical, real-world guidance to better prepare your organization to defend and respond to cyber threats.


Why train with us:

  • Courses for all levels – From awareness training for CEOs to advanced programs for IT professionals, we have courses for anyone who needs to understand or master anything cyber.
  • Customized training – We can tailor training programs and delivery based on your organization’s unique needs.
  • Expert trainers – Our trainers are leading cyber security practitioners who are in the trenches day-in, day-out, working for our clients.
  • Latest technology – Our cyber range brings together the latest hardware, software and threats database to ensure that all our training is up to date and applicable in the real world.
  • Dedicated facilities – We offer a state-of-the-art campus facility specially dedicated to cyber training.
  • Vendor neutral – You can be assured that we will objectively advise you on the best cyber practices, tools and services based on your needs.


Download the course calendar to view a list of our cyber security courses.

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