KPMG in Singapore tightens COVID-19 workplace measures

KPMG in Singapore tightens COVID-19 workplace measures

KPMG in Singapore has enhanced health and safety measures for all in response to COVID-19.


The safety and well-being of KPMG in Singapore’s clients and employees are the firm’s top priority in these uncertain times.

Standing in solidarity with Singapore in combating the pandemic, the firm will be tightening measures at our workplace to minimise risks for clients and employees. We have taken guidance from the latest measures announced by the Singapore Government as part of the country’s Phase 2 (heightened alert) against COVID-19.

Effective from 17 May 2021 until further notice:

1      Our employees will work-from-home as the default.

  • Employees who need access to specialised equipment, physical files and contracts in the office or at clients’ premises should leave immediately after their intended task is completed. They will also need to strictly follow split team arrangements of Team A and Team B, wear masks at all times and use their TraceTogether app or token for contact tracing purposes.

2      All meetings should be held virtually.

  • No physical interaction of employees is allowed across teams during and outside work hours.
  • If there are critical physical meetings that must take place, safe distancing measures are be in place.

3     KPMG in Singapore will continue to support all employees who have decided to be vaccinated. Our staff can take a day of medical leave without the need for a Medical Certificate should they need to rest after being inoculated.

4     Keeping in step with social responsibility,

  • All employees have been briefed to adhere to prevailing Travel Advisories from the Singapore Government for both work and personal travel.
  • Employees will need to inform their supervisors if they have been issued medical leave for acute respiratory symptoms, quarantine orders and Stay-Home Notices and abide by regulations as advised.
  • If employees, due to critical reasons, must go back to the office or to a client’s premises, they should first ensure that (1) they are not a close contact of individuals serving SHN/quarantine; (2) they do not have possible exposure to a Covid-19 case (based on their TraceTogether records); and they are not feeling unwell.

5     The firm has also encouraged all employees to adhere to good hygiene and socially responsible behaviours:

  • Keep with safe-distancing measures as directed by Singapore’s COVID-19 Multi-Ministry Taskforce, as well as KPMG in Singapore’s guidelines
  • Wash their hands regularly with soap while avoid touching their faces with their hands
  • Download the TraceTogether app (or get the token)
  • Immediately seeking medical assistance if feeling unwell

Taking precedence in these measures is safeguarding the health of our employees and clients during the pandemic, while ensuring business continuity. KPMG in Singapore will continue to review our measures as the situation evolves and updates are announced by authorities.

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