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Ensuring the health and safety of our clients and staff

Ensuring the health and safety of our clients and staff

KPMG in Singapore has enhanced health and safety measures for all in response to COVID-19.


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In accordance with the announcement by the COVID-19 Multi-Ministry Taskforce on the easing of restrictions at workplaces on 24 March, 2020, KPMG in Singapore will cease split-team work arrangements and allow up to 75% of staff to return to the workplace starting Monday, 12 April, 2020.

KPMG in Singapore continues to adhere strictly to all guidelines and procedures provided by the government and take measures to enhance the safety and health of our clients and staff members, which remain our top priority.

1      Up to 75% of staff of KPMG in Singapore are allowed to return to their workplace or clients’ premises.

  • The 1-meter safe-distancing rule is enforced for all workstations and meeting facilities
  • SafeEntry will still be used to check in and out of office premises, in addition to daily temperature, for all staff and visitors to office premises
  • Staff and visitors will be required to wear masks at all times, and an adequate supply of masks are available, if required
  • Safe Management Officers will be in place to provide support, monitor and ensure strict adherence

2      All staff have been advised to adhere to prevailing Travel Advisories from the Singapore government for both work and personal travel. 

3      All staff have been advised to declare if they have been issued medical leave for acute respiratory symptoms and/or Quarantine Orders and observe Stay-Home Notices. 

5      All staff are encouraged to practise good hygiene and socially-responsible behaviors by:

  • Adhering to all safe-distancing measures as directed by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, as well as KPMG in Singapore guidelines
  • Washing their hands regularly with soap
  • Avoiding the touching of their faces with their hands
  • Covering their mouths with tissue paper when sneezing or coughing

Please be assured that these measures are in place to keep our clients and staff members safe, while ensuring business continuity. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and review our measures as the situation warrants.

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