KPMG unveils ‘smart’ Clubhouse

KPMG unveils ‘smart’ Clubhouse

Wired with the latest digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and connected analytics, the firm’s staff lounge is designed to be an ‘eco-system of the future’, delivering an employee experience that is human centric, futuristic and compelling

Ong Pang Thye

Managing Partner

KPMG in Singapore


In celebration of the firm’s 77th anniversary, KPMG in Singapore today unveiled its revamped staff lounge – the KPMG Clubhouse – as an emblem to redefine the future of work and enhance their staff experience through innovation and technology.

Prominently located on the first floor of City House in the Central Business District area and occupying over 5,000 square feet, the KPMG Clubhouse first opened its doors in 2011 to give KPMG staff a place that they could chill in, catch up with colleagues and friends, host client meetings and work in a comfortable and collaborative manner.

Taking into consideration how today’s employees, in particular, the millennial generation prefer to work, the firm undertook a four-month renovation of the KPMG Clubhouse, with the intent to redesign the facility such that it sits at the forefront of technology, functionality and design.

Stepping into the staff lounge is akin to travelling forward into the future. Leveraging on our in-house team’s expertise and utilising the most cutting-edge design methodology to provide an experience that is human centric, futuristic and compelling, the KPMG Clubhouse is a stunning showcase of an ‘eco-system of the future’ that incorporates the latest digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and connected analytics for staff to experience ahead of time.

The use of AI further allows different moods and ambience to be created, thereby transporting people into a different world each time they visit while throwing up endless possibilities as to how staff can use the space to work, eat and play.

The signature highlight of the KPMG Clubhouse has to be FRED which stands for Friendly Relatable Engaging Device. Living in a 4.3m floor-to-ceiling towering light-emitting diode (LED) screen, FRED is powered by AI and possesses facial recognition abilities to allow for a seamless and secure entry into the lounge. Gone are the days of tapping a staff pass – entry is now fully automated. Upon entry, FRED greets you and doubles up as a virtual assistant to suggest a cup of your favourite cappuccino. It then brings you the day’s news headlines and the weather forecast, and even reminds you to bring an umbrella if it is going to rain. Indeed, the future of work has arrived.

Moving past FRED, one lands in the Collaboration Zone that packs a lush-green forest atmosphere with lots of open spaces to encourage collaboration, interaction and inclusivity. Here, staff can work in teams and catch up with their colleagues at the same time.

Situated in front of the Collaboration Zone is the Event Zone. Using design thinking to create a flexible space for a variety of purposes, the firm managed to increase the space available for events by 50 per cent. The Event Zone is the spot where the firm can gather for townhalls, teams can hold meetings and staff can host client events. It also houses the Clubhouse’s pièce de résistance – a ceiling mirage that could project the galaxy, the Amazon forest or a swirling bob of colours all at the touch of a button – a practical and utilitarian approach to readjust the space and create a different mood when the occasion calls for it.

When the work day has ended or when one needs some downtime, there is Fun Zone, a versatile place representing the varied tastes and preferences of how KPMG staff love to unwind. This is the zone where people can enjoy a game of pool or foosball, immerse themselves in VR games, unleash their Picasso drawing talents with the VR Tilt Brush or watch a thrilling game of ‘live’ football in front of an 85-inch TV screen and a glass of beer in tow.

Taking centre stage in the Fun Zone are also four collaboration booths bearing iconic names and aptly designed to resemble the HBD Void Deck, HDB flat, Bus Stop and Kopi-tiam. These comfortable booths reflect the unique heritage of Singapore and come with work-friendly features such as wireless presentation and full height glass boards to foster greater collaboration and seamless connectivity. Two of the collaboration booths are also equipped with touch screens and PlayStation 4 consoles, allowing staff to chill and work at the same time.

Of course, what is the KPMG Clubhouse without food which brings people together?

While there still is a selection of hot food served by kitchen staff when one is hankering for something warm, there is a new Grab & Go food kiosk with an array of bento sets and drinks to provide the convenience of a quick bite. The firm has also used its digital enablement knowledge to improve the people experience where all food items are tagged with radio frequency identification (RFID) which allows a speedier self check-out to address long waiting lines during peak hours.

In phase two of the project, the firm will roll out the KPMG Clubhouse App (“App”) where staff can order and pay for food through the App and the food will get delivered to their work desk. Using connected analytics, the App further allows staff to earn points for purchases and for supervisors to reward staff in real time through a peer-to-peer reward system which can be used to offset for food and drinks purchases at the staff lounge. At the same, the App converges seamlessly with FRED’s facial recognition abilities to give future food and drinks recommendations based on one’s history of purchase.

Meanwhile, the longstanding fixture of the KPMG Clubhouse – a cosy, contemporary bar – has also been retrofitted to house a wider selection of drinks and snacks. For those who want to start their day with a good coffee, a barista is there to brew up the caffeine fix. When night falls, staff can sit by the bar and enjoy a glass of wine at discounted staff prices.

Ong Pang Thye, Managing Partner, KPMG in Singapore said: “Our employees are the key focus of the revamped Clubhouse. The KPMG Clubhouse was refurbished to meet the diverse needs of our people who want a place where they can work, mingle and relax at the same time. It is symbolic of the firm’s vision to create a showcase of the latest technologies and innovation to bring an ‘eco-system of the future’ to life – one that redefines the future of work, and one that elevates the people experience to another level. The refurbishment further represents our ongoing commitment to invest in staff welfare and be the leading employer of choice in Singapore.”

In September 2018, KPMG in Singapore clinched the top spot amongst the Big 4 accounting firms and came in sixth in the business category of the top 100 most attractive employers in Singapore. The survey was conducted by Universum Global1 which polled 8,554 students in the period of Oct 2017 - March 2018. 

1 Universum Global 2018 Survey of the Most Attractive Employers in Singapore:

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