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Customers today want personalised services and rapid delivery. Do you think of supply chain as the biggest contributor to the customer experience? You should. And knowing your customers is an important part of supply chain success.

Many organisations don’t understand their true cost to serve or who their most profitable customers are. They don't know if they are over-servicing or under-servicing. Between internally focused metrics and other metrics more inclusive of last mile and reverse logistics, they still lack the full picture.

To become customer-centric, supply chains must partner with marketing, promotion and R&D to ensure that customer requirements are built into the structure and metrics. The future-ready organisation will focus on:

  • Micro-segmentation — Knowing exactly who your customers are will provide truer costs to serve and allow the supply chain to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Macro trends — Comprehending the changing landscape of customer behavior (e.g. offline to online to offline) will allow the supply chain to pivot to meeting new requirements (e.g. last mile/reverse).
  • Configure to order — Understanding customers will allow organisations to predict trends and configure to order quickly and efficiently.
  • Visibility — Seeing not just where orders are but also where they came from and what raw materials are associated will be increasingly important for sustainable supply chains.


Rakesh Agarwal

Rakesh Agarwal
KPMG in Singapore

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