2020 is the year where everything changed. Consumers believe that they will be living their lives very differently as a result of the global pandemic. They feel more vulnerable, less secure and less in control than ever before. They need the brands they interact with to deliver better, safer, and more seamless interactions.

In our 2020 Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) Singapore Survey, we have noted three distinct trends:

Getting personal

Brands need to learn quickly how to use the new influx of data to react better and make their communications more personal and relevant to the individual customer.

Earning trust through integrity

Customers want to know that their personal data is protected, how brands are responding to COVID-19, and how they are adhering to ethical, clean and sustainable practices.

Increased expectations of service

Newly digitalised companies now find themselves on the same platform as companies who have perfected their delivery standards. Brands need to rethink their strategy and find faster ways to respond and deliver to customers.

What will the new reality for Customer Experience look like? Download our report to find out more.


Vishal Sharma

Guillaume Sachet
KPMG in Singapore