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KPMG IMPACT brings together an experienced network of professionals from across the globe to deliver industry leading practices, research and trusted client solutions to address the biggest issues facing our planet. Our goal is to have a real and positive impact today and for our collective future.

KPMG IMPACT is a global cross-sector initiative that integrates our knowledge and experience regarding global issues such as environmental, social, governance (ESG) performance and sustainability; economic and social development; climate change and decarbonisation; and sustainable finance.

KPMG IMPACT aims to deliver growth with purpose. We unite the best of KPMG to help our clients fulfil their purpose and deliver against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), so that all our communities can thrive and prosper.

Whether your organisation is just beginning its sustainability journey, reporting on its progress or financing new initiatives, we have the knowledge and the people to support you.

More than ever, KPMG is determined to make a positive impact on the world. It is our responsibility to help shape and lead on critical issues facing the world, where our capabilities make a difference. See how our Impact Plan clarifies our own commitments and actions here.



The time has come: KPMG Survey of Sustainability Reporting 2020

Time has come

This report offers a detailed look at global trends in sustainability reporting from 5,200 companies in 52 different countries, with insights for business leaders, company boards and sustainability professionals. Its aim is to support those who have a responsibility for assessing and preparing their own organisation’s sustainability reporting.

The survey also serves as a guide to investors, asset managers and ratings agencies who now factor sustainability or Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information into their assessment of corporate performance and risk.



Towards Net Zero


The world is in a race against time. We have only 30 years to cut global carbon emissions to net zero if we are to limit global warming and mitigate potentially catastrophic impacts of climate change. Business is not only a critical player in achieving this, it is also at risk from the physical effects of the climate crisis and the economic impacts of transitioning to a net zero economy.

Our Towards Net Zero report is the latest in KPMG’s series of sustainability reporting surveys and is intended primarily to help corporate reporting, investor relations and sustainability professionals shape their own company’s reporting. It may also help investors, lenders, insurers, asset managers and ratings agencies to understand current reporting maturity and the gaps where improvement is needed.

The TNZ surveys 250 of the world’s largest companies in terms of their climate disclosures against KPMG’s 12 Quality Criteria and the results enable any company to assess its own reporting against the performance of this global leadership group.



Our IMPACT propositions

Environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability

How your organisation can develop responsible and sustainable strategies, business models, operations and investment strategies.

Climate Change and Decarbonisation

How to drive your business models, products and services to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainable Finance

How to integrate ESG into responsible investment, financing, insurance and corporate finance strategies and processes.

IMPACT measurement, assurance and reporting

How to devise improved methods, tools and frameworks to better track and measure performance.

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