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The taste of things to come

The taste of things to come

Insights into the future of foodservice, retail and hospitality


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E-commerce has taken the world by storm, alongside the apparent decline of brick and mortar businesses. However, this trend could possibly see a reversal with a rising desire for experiences in consumer purchases.

The ever-changing market is seeing a new trend – consumers cherish and are willing to invest in experiences over material possessions. In fact, there is an increasing focus on experience, and a rising preference for sharing such experiences over buying things. And a myriad of businesses ranging from theatres, bars, and stores are also rapidly adapting to this preference shift in an attempt to provide more immersive consumer experiences.

Today’s successful retailers are looking to provide shopping experiences with a difference. This is especially in lieu of the fact that the 2017 Global Online Consumer Report by KPMG International found that while the majority of consumers prefer going to a retail store over purchasing online.

So clearly, experience is the new trend. How can retailers leverage it for better business? Download our thought leadership piece, The Taste of Things to Come to find out.

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