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Universal health care adoption in Asia

Universal health care adoption in Asia

Are Life Sciences companies late to the game?

Ajay Sanganeria

Partner, Deputy Head of Tax, Head of Life Sciences

KPMG in Singapore


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The United Nations (UN) has set a goal to achieve “Health for All” by 2030 and while 193 countries have signed up to it, more than one billion people still lack access to basic healthcare. If every country without universal health coverage (UHC) is to increase their health spending per capita to the average OECD levels by 2030, it would mean total global health spending will have to increase by 400% or an additional US$27 trillion over today’s budgets. Such investment is clearly beyond the means of low- and middle-income countries.

How can the private and public sector players collaborate effectively across the value chain to help countries move towards the UHC 2030 ambitions?


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