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Clear cache. Restart. Plug in.

Clear cache. Restart. Plug in.

Transforming Procurement


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The public sector in Singapore is facing unprecedented change, challenge and complexity. Increased public scrutiny for accountability and transparency has created a need for more rigorous governance models and performance processes.

Accountability takes on an added significance for the public sector as government ministries and statutory boards spend billions of dollars every year to provide vital services to serving the economy and the public.

This publication, jointly produced by KPMG in Singapore and CPA Australia, examines 28 years of Auditor-General’s Office Reports issued from 1990 to 2018. A key recurring theme across the years relates to issues with procurement and payments. In more recent years, with the proliferation of technology and IT systems, procurement and payment issues have featured even more prominently.

Against this backdrop, we analysed the procurement and payments findings over nearly three decades to understand the changes to the procurement process, as well as anticipate what the future of procurement will look like.

This report shares some best practices in procurement and payments for consideration to further enhance the checks and balances needed to reduce gaps and lapses in public sector entities. Public sector procurement process, data and information have been "cached" over the years and adding more layers of control will not necessarily prevent gaps and lapses. It is time to clear the legacy, reboot the way procurement is done and plug into emerging technologies to guide the transformation journey.

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