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The Global Infrastructure magazine

The Global Infrastructure magazine

If your idea of managing infrastructure means managing individual assets, think again. You have to think more broadly about the issues, in light of the convergence between the technological, economic and social environments we live in. Infrastructure is no longer simply there to enable, but also to connect – that is, connect people with machines, ideas, government services and yes, infrastructure. If you’re not thinking in terms of connectivity, it’s probably time to shift your perspective.

Have you considered what it may take to connect to a colony on planet Mars? In this edition, we gaze into the crystal ball to see what this future may look like.

Back on Earth, we also explore the opportunities and challenges of delivering greater global and regional connectivity projects; the efforts to connect non-government organisations and multilateral institutions to infrastructure investment needs and how to protect cities and interconnected infrastructure assets from cybercriminals on the dark web. Asia’s ongoing massive regional initiatives are also explored.

Is the current geopolitical environment moving against greater productivity? Our opinion leaders are optimistic - “Beneath the chaos of a world that appears to be falling apart is a new foundation pulling it together. And that is our collective connectivity,” Parag Khanna proclaims in one of our articles.

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