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KPMG Transport Tracker

KPMG Transport Tracker

This edition focuses on disruptive technologies, consolidation projects in the shipping industry and the importance of customer centricity.


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We are pleased to present the eighth edition of the KPMG Transport Tracker which looks at current market indicators and trends in the global transport market. This edition focuses on disruptive technologies such as Hyperloop, consolidation projects in the shipping industry, the importance of customer centricity in the CEP market and how these trends can affect traditional business models.

A few insights from the publication include:

  • Navigating rough seas in the shipping industry - how will trade and container shipping change by policy shocks and is consolidation a future strategy to shed weight and become more efficient?
  • Going for growth in global aviation - will disruption stymie traffic growth?
  • The power of disruptive technologies - can Hyperloop change the importance of airports and highways and who are the drivers of this technologies?
  • Customers demand convenience in delivery process - does CEP providers understand customer needs in times of growing e-commerce markets?
  • The transport and logistics industry is facing unprecedented digitalisation - are new entrants taking the upper hand?

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