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Disruptive forces in commercial insurance

Disruptive forces in commercial insurance

Commercial lines insurance is characterized by complex buying processes in a large and valuable market, marking the sector ripe for disruption.


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The insurance market is changing and there are three reasons why we see this disruption taking place:

  1. Customers are demanding the same level of service from insurance as they have become used to from other parts of their lives
  2. Sectors are converging enabled by technology and reducing barriers to entry
  3. Opportunities are emerging to capture value from the value chain without taking on the risk.

When applied to commercial insurance, we see a collection of seven connected forces reshaping the market.

Over the coming months we are launching a series blogs and videos designed to examine each force in more detail, considering the likely market impact and resulting opportunities it could create. For some of the forces we also have longer articles which explore the individual theme in more depth. As each force is launched, links to the associated videos and articles can be found on this page.

  • Risk aggregators
    • Please download The future of commercial insurance PDF here
  • Emerging risks
    • Please download How augmented and virtual reality are changing the insurance landscape PDF here
  • Expanding products to solutions
    • Please download Seizing the cyber insurance opportunity PDF here
    • Please download Political risk and crisis management insurance PDF here
  • Collaboration
  • Using data
  • Excess capacity
  • Agile operating models

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