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Spend Management

Spend Management

The need for spend accountability and cost control is on the rise. Spend transparency on demand is essential to managing risk and delivering savings. KPMG's Spend Management Solution combines cloud based advanced analytics with industry specific expertise to provide clients with an enterprise view of spend within weeks.


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What make us unique

Spend analytics on demand

Granular and immediately actionable insights into your spend to help you manage risk and deliver savings

KPMG helps clients achieve complete spend transparency through: 

  • Interactive spend analytics and compliance reports, with full-drill down capability
  • Customized spend dashboards
  • Standardized risk and compliance routines, including exception reporting
  • Spend and performance benchmarks by industry and/or category 
  • Savings opportunity identification

e-Bid support

Create a competitive supplier environment and capture the best price for your organization

KPMG supports the delivery rapid savings through:

  • Identifying and qualifying e-Bid opportunities
  • Structuring e-Bid processes  
  • e-Bid event administration and live updates, including savings analyses
  • Supporting post-bid clarification and close

Process mining

Take advantage of leading data analytics to examine the digital footprint of your spend

Transactions leave a digital footprint. Using bespoke technology, KPMG can help you: 

  • Establish a record of all the process paths for spend within your organization based on digital event logs
  • Identify exceptions and deviations from your standard processes, eg. payment made before goods receipt or backdated PO creation and approval
  • Quickly identify potential risk areas for further investigation

Vendor anomaly detection

Rapidly identify unusual spending patterns and discrepancies in your vendor profile

KPMG’s advanced vendor anomaly detection model uncovers deviations in behaviour and historical patterns to highlight: 

  • Anomalous vendors for further investigation e.g. vendors with an unusually high volume of transactions, different vendor name with same registered address, transactions to vendors outside of working hours, or suspicious purchase orders/invoices
  • Potential conflicts of interest across the vendors group

Our spend management solution in action

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