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Formation maps: a simple tool for successfully designing Partnerships

A simple tool for successfully designing Partnerships

In this issue we look at how a simple tool such as a JV formation map help identify your rationale for entering a partnership, and that of your partner’s. It‘s a simple design that helps parties identify what the primary focus areas should be –ensuring that your partnerships stay relevant and valuable.


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Partnering is not a replacement of corporate strategy or competitive strategy; it is instead a tool to achieve these. Partnerships in the form of joint ventures (JV), alliances and consortiums can be an effective tool to realise corporate strategic plans, both for long-term or short-term initiatives. They are growing in popularity. In fact, the 2016 KPMG CEO Survey found that they out ranked M&A as the most likely form of significant transaction in the next three years.

Our JV formation map not only helps you highlight the rationale for entering a partnership but also to identify the primary areas of focus to help you achieve your goals.

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