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The Structure, Role and Location of Financial Treasury Centres: A Process of Evolution

A Process of Evolution

A Process of Evolution


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The Structure, Role and Location of Financial Treasury Centres

Companies have been redefining the role of their corporate treasury as the complexity and scale of their business grow. From a mechanical processing unit, the corporate treasury role has expanded to a data provider assisting in financial reporting and risk management and even corporate strategic planning. 

As companies spread their wings abroad, more and more of them have established Financial Treasury Centres (FTCs) to centralise their corporate treasury functions in a bid to achieve better control and efficiency of their cash allocation. 

Potential challenges, however, exist for companies in making a decision on the location of their FTCs. These include cultural diversity, a lack of unity, technological limitations and a lack of local knowledge expertise. 

This paper provides helpful consideration factors for companies in choosing their FTC location, including tax attractiveness, currency environment, government incentives, and country credit ratings. 

An analysis of how some of the leading financial centres of the world measure up against one another is provided, along with insights into the corporate treasury needs of companies from different industries. 

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