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KPMG’s European Central Bank Office


KPMG’s ECB Office offers you information and solutions for dealing with the ECB supervisory approach.

This office is dedicated to helping clients deal with the ECB.

Under the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) that was introduced in 2014, the European Central Bank (ECB) was granted a supervisory role to monitor the financial stability and central control of over 6,000 credit institutions in the Eurozone. Under the SSM banks face a new set of challenges to meet new supervisory standards beyond those of their national supervisors including new common approaches to supervision; responding to regulations and supervisory standards.

The KPMG-ECB Office provides you with relevant information and answers to pressing issues related to the SSM. Our ECB Office bundles the expertise from KPMG’s International network of banking professionals and former regulators to bring you solutions for dealing with the ECB supervisory approach. Our team can help you understand how the uniform supervisory mechanism functions and how cooperation with the national authorities now works. Our interdisciplinary and international team is familiar with the supervisory methods practiced across Europe, and our tightly-knit network provides deep insights into the new supervisory practices.

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Business models and risk weighted asset calculation

The ECB considers that levels of Non Performing Exposures (NPE) on Banks under its supervision are too high.