KPMG Global Mobility Services ASPAC Webinar Series

Series of live webinars to help businesses navigate the new face of global mobility

Series of live webinars to help businesses navigate the new face of global mobility


Past Webinar Resources

Pathway to Tax Compliance: Watch Out for Common Pitfalls in Employment Tax and Payroll Reporting

Varying employment tax laws in Asia Pacific (ASPAC) may be complex and in the current global environment, authorities in many countries continue their focus on payroll audits. Non-compliance in employment tax and payroll reporting may cost companies significant penalties and interest.

This webinar discussed the common errors in employer’s reporting and possible remedial actions across the region. This session helped participants to understand the risks of non-compliance and the pathway to employment tax compliance.

Rewards Strategy: Navigating the Complexities of Equity-Based Compensation

This is a part of our ASPAC webinar series. Participants will learn about the complexities and tax considerations that arise from equity-based compensation across Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States. Equity-based compensation may be a common approach amongst companies to incentivise employees. In some instances, equity may be granted in one location and vested / exercised in another, which may result in unanticipated tax reporting obligation and double taxation risks.

This webinar discussed the cross-border tax risks of participating in stock-based incentive plans and provide insights on the tax compliance environment. We covered the tax considerations for a tax efficient stock-based remuneration with an appropriate remuneration policy whilst balancing the intricate governance considerations, as part of the overall reward strategy.

Navigating the evolving Immigration and Tax landscape

This is a part of the ASPAC webinar series. In the previous webinars, various speakers within our regional KPMG network shared insights into the new face of global mobility since COVID-19, and discussed employment law and tax compliance issues associated with remote working arrangements. 

In this webinar, we examined the latest tax and immigration updates in the region which may have an impact on your global workforce. 

With vaccine roll-out programmes varying greatly from country to country and subject to strict local government regulation, International SOS’ Medical Director, Dr Low Kiang Wei, shared on how businesses with multi-country operations can develop an effective vaccination programme for their employees under controlled conditions.

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